Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kinks: Naturally you

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my big chop.
I still remember coming home jumping in the shower, getting out and cutting a large section of my bangs and thinking "well there's no turning back now you can't hide this shit."
I cut all of my heat damaged hair off. My husband called me on his break and asked what I was doing. I calmly told him I cut my hair off " bye Jewell" he said and hung up.
Now most experiences I have heard were of freedom and a release. Now me on the other hand I felt nauseous and disbelief. What the hell did you do?! I thought. I threw up and cried that whole night.
The next morning I woke up at 8:00 am and began frantically calling black hair salons, asking if any one could fix my big chop. I couldn't believe that no one knew what I was talking about!
I finally found a salon that specialized in natural hair.
The lady was so nice who evenly trimmed up my mistakes.
Later that day I still had to go to a barber shop to try to get a better shape added to my now baby fro.
barber shops are a big mistake in my opinion especially a male only shop.
These men picked on me the entire time asking if I had a break up or something of that matter. They couldn't understand why a good looking women would cut off all of their hair.
Hurry the hell up is all I could think as he lined up my hair.
Eventually I grew into my hair and loved every bit of it. being able to take a shower without risking an aneurism if my hair got wet. No more broken hairs on the floor from my weekly press and curls.
And like everyone says it does grow back and with vengeance. My hair is so thick and fluffy I could never imagine going back.
big chop
What was your experience

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