Thursday, April 18, 2013

The skin your in.

Growing up I always heard jokes about the way that people look. Your momma so black, Your so ugly, and such all coming from someone who looked just like the victim they were taunting. I don't even remember looking into the mirror to really examine or care about my appearance until I was 14 years old. Before then I never cared about my looks. This was 9th grade when classmates would taunt me for my complexion or my large nose, being too short and skinny. It's sad that we are judged by the characteristics that make us who we are. But Why? Why do we feel the need to judge others by the way that they look and not put as much emphasis on ones attitude or character. Are we really that shallow. I guess the answer is yes. The first thing that is known of a person is what we see outward. In most cases we don't get to know someones personality until after we feel that they are even worthy of our time. As I matured I truly understand the meaning behind sayings like everything that glitters isn't gold and don't judge a book by it's cover. Because they prettiest people can be the most dysfunctional and cruel individuals. I'm not saying that attractive people are bad, I just think before we dismiss someone because of the way that "WE" feel they look, we need to take the time to get to know someones heart first. Everything else should be secondary or better yet a non mother fucking factor! Peace & Love Jewell

What I wore

Today I was feeling young at heart Hello Kitty @ Macy's Skater dress Black Tuxedo Platform booties and Le Fro'

What she Wore

Mrs. Lauren is toooo cute

Look Book: Love by the Sea

Love by the Sea

Alexander Wang bustier top
$1,115 -

Sergio Rossi platform shoes

Leather handbag

Filigree jewelry


Look Book: Bit*h Don't Kill My Vibe

Look Book: Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer

Citizens of humanity

Dyrberg kern
$52 -

Circular sunglasses


Look Book: Firey Sun Goddess

Firey Sun Goddess

Mes demoiselle

Elizabeth and jame

Gianvito Rossi gladiator shoes
$1,445 -

Vintage bag

River island
$18 -

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Music: Cassie Numb feat : Rick Ross

Look Book: Get the look for less

 Prabal Gurung  for Target collection on sale online for 28.88 I got mine for 11.00 WINNING!!!!


Stolen Girlfriends Club Techno Floral Print Tshirt Dress in Floral - Lyst

Techno floral t-shirt dress by Stolen Girlfriends 229.00

If you like the T-shirt trend you can either Save or Turn up!!! either way you will look flyy.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What I wore.

I loooove layering patterns and textures. Unfortunately our office is always cold so a sweater is usually a likely companion.

                                       Today's look was very Boho with mixes of knit, paisley and lace.

What She Wore

Ms. Lauren _PerfectImperfection_ looked too cute with her mixed prints and Box Braids follow her on instagram