Monday, December 30, 2019

Rock The New Year

So New Years day is a day a way. I'm cutting it close but I wanted to give you ladies a few ideas to slay into the 20's

SEQUINS. New Years is like an adult Halloween for me. It's a time to show up and show out.

I paired a sequined bustier and sequined pants. And added a Blazer to tie the look together

Champagne toasts and New Year kisses.
Velvet and sequin for this look.
A velvet bustier from Tj maxx paired with striped leggings and a sequin blazer. This look may be to revealing for some and just right for others.

This was actually one of my favorite looks
I've had this long blazer coat for a little over a year that I thrifted and had yet to wear it. Paired with silk shorts and and sparkle booties to take the look to the next level.

This blouse is absolutely stunning. I love anything that stands out. These tassels are so fun paired with satin slacks 

I wore this jumper like 3 years ago and it's still one of my faves. It gives sexy 70's vibes.

Hopefully these looks give you some inspiration on what to wear to bring in the Slaying 20's.
Let me know what's your favorite look.