Sunday, December 27, 2015

Luxe Looks: Holiday Glitz.

I love holiday fashion, its hard not to. Its a special time when you can get very ornate and wear patterns , jeweled tones, glitter, and be over the top with out getting too many stares.

Most of my wardrobe consists of thrifted pieces that I build upon with traditional store bought items.
I bought a red sweater with black jewels from Target on sale for $20.00 and paired it with a long black ballet style skirt that I had from the Salvation Army. My long Bisou Bisou embroidered swing coat came from Value World. Knee highs from Aldo, and my patent leather shoes are from Forever 21.

I specialize in shopping smart. I buy high end or more unique specialty pieces from thrift stores or estate sales. 

I enjoy putting together looks that I won't see anyone else wearing.

Red Embroidered Swing Coat: Bisou Bisou

Sweater; Target

Knee Highs: Aldo Shoes.

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