Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Wrong Shade of Black

So this morning I was going through my usual morning routine. Which is scrolling through my Instagram time line. And I saw a post written  by Belleoninstagram entitled 50 shades of Beige.
And I began to think of all of the times  I  have went into a drug store TRYING to  find an inexpensive foundation. I can  NEVER  find "MY COLOR". The shades always range from fair to so -called Deep "which is more like  over creamed coffee." I never even thought of the disappointment that someone of an lighter or even deeper  complexion may feel while hunting for their shade. It's even more disappointing that in the year 2013   Major cosmetic companies are still leaving Women of Color out of the picture by only catering to selected shades. It's seems like they took a brown paper bag as their muse. I feel like a chemist trying to blend and combine colors attempting  to manipulate a hue that should already be in circulation.
There is a huge gap in the market for darker complexion women. I find if they do have my shade in the foundation they will not have it in any of the corresponding  products such as BB Creams, Setting Powders, or the CORRECT Concealer. I think it is so difficult to effectively pin point our wide spectrum of color because we have so many mixes of blood running through our veins. It is very few black people in America that have not had some type of inter mingling of races in their family tree. I'm very certain that my lighter toned sisters have the same problem due to the fact I see so many walking around with an ashy complexion. In a society that tells me my gender is wrong, my ethnicity is wrong, and my color is wrong or limited edition or extinct. You start to wonder WHERE DO I FIT IN ? I do commend Covergirl for Having The Queens Collection I guess. Even though I feel like its a segregation. Why couldn't it be a regular Cover Girl product  and have Queen Latifah as the spokesmodel?  I guess beggers can't be choosy.

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