Monday, April 22, 2013

The man in the mirror

Today I saw a man standing by a casino parking garage holding a sign asking for help. This is a very powerful image if you think about it. A person with nothing in front of a Billion dollar establishment. I looked at the man and his clothes were dirty he looked to have feces on his pants and his face looked like he was a broken spirit. I walked a a few steps more and seen another gentleman sitting on a cement landing. I always feel so saddened when I see people without. I feel like we need to have more humility towards those who are less fortunate. I thought to myself. " look at you with your elaborate hair style, make-up, expensive eyeglasses, and hand bag, as you walk pass this man who probably only has the clothes on his back and the money that he has made for the day in his pocket, in which he seemed to be sharing with is pal. I think it has to take so much energy out of a person to stand on display and hope that someone will spare you a dollar, some change, or maybe a bite to eat. I stopped for a moment and walked back to the men, the one who was standing near the intersection walked up to his friend with tears in his eyes. I looked them directly in the eyes and handed them each a dollar. Some may say that's not much but I gave what I had. I always wonder what turn of events lead people to their current circumstances. I try my best to never judge or unjustly accuse. I know we assume that the person is on drugs or is an alcoholic, but what pain did they endure to try to console themselves with these drugs? I don't think it is a matter of weakness either. Some pain is just too much to endure for some and maybe they didn't have a strong support system or someone to cry to when they needed it. I just always think that this could be me, my mother, or my father. I know I have been through things that have made me think I could end up in a situation as such. Lets all try to help and love each other, we are all in this together. Peace&Love

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